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It’s Friday, and it’s time to  live up to the “humor” part that’s  promised in this blog. The 2011 NFL season has just begun. While there are millions of fans excited about how their city’s team will do this weekend, countless others are just as, or more excited, about the status of their fantasy team. For many NFL fans, reality is no match for “fantasy.”

Each year, before the start of the season, fantasy leagues hold their draft to determine which players will end up on which fantasy teams. The goal is to draft the most productive players to help you win your fantasy league. Each league has a scoring system for individual and team statistics. For instance, in some leagues, quarterbacks get 1 point for every 10 yards passing and 6 points for every touchdown. Those scores are added up each week and the fantasy owner with the most points wins.

Fantasy leagues have created an added element of fun each week as fantasy owners battle for bragging rights in their respective leagues. This got me thinking about what it would look like if someone ever developed a “Fantasy League of Preachers” and developed a scoring system where you could “draft” a preacher and keep up with his “stats” throughout the year. You compete with other people in your league who draft their own preachers, and, just like in fantasy football, the team with the most points at the end of the season – wins.

Let’s say you could only “draft” 5 preachers, and the scoring system looked something like this:

  • 10 points for every appearance on a national television broadcast
  • 5 points for speaking at a major conference (e.g. Woman Thou Art Loosed, COGIC Convocation, etc.)
  • 3 points for every other speaking engagement
  • 1 point for every YouTube view

I’m sure some of you could come up with much better metrics, but if we were holding a “Fantasy Preacher Draft” today, who would be your top 5 draft picks? Bear in mind there are some preachers who may never make a national TV broadcast but are YouTube sensations. Just like in fantasy football, the “stars” get you big points, but it’s often the unexpected “little guys” that make the difference between winning and losing. There’s also always a “breakout” star who seemingly comes out of nowhere to light up the league. The person who drafts that player ends up looking like a genius. 🙂

You are now on the clock. Tell us who your top 5 draft picks would be in the “Preacher Fantasy Draft.”

DISCLAIMER: This is all meant to be in fun. Please save the comments about the sanctity of the preaching ministry. God loves to see you smile. 🙂